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A inflexible plate, typically made from carbon is frequently used to stiffen a shoe that will help a number of different painful disorders with the foot. Most of these plates are quite inflexible and rigid because they have to restrict up the sole of the footwear, especially through the front foot. The carbon plates are available in a couple of different shapes with one being only the same shape as a basic shoe insole. That one is commonly used if you want to restrict the entire foot and prevent all the joints within the front foot from flexing. Another key design is one that the inflexible plate merely goes beneath the great toe or hallux and not the rest of the ball of the foot. It has the advantage of assisting with pain within the great toe or hallux joint by reducing its motion, but still allow some normal movements in the other joints in the ball of the foot. This is often called a Morton’s extension rigid insole.

One of many frequent problems that these types of firm plates are used for can be arthritis of the great toe joint that commonly gets called hallux rigidus. Typically the rigid insole functions by restraining movement of the joint, to ensure that restriction of motion usually means the great toe joint is much less painful. An additional disorder that they maybe put to use in is referred to as turf toe. This means we have a traumatic hyperextension injury with the big toe joint, so the joints seriously does really need to be restricted from flexing for quit some time to allow the pain to get better and the rigid insoles are really good for this purpose. There's also a condition known as Freiberg’s disease that is a challenge with the growing area of the joint, usually at the base of the second toe. This can be one of those problems that need the complete carbon plate to limit motion over the front foot.

What shoes must you have these rigid carbon insoles within? Most people find that they're able to use them in pretty much any shoe since they do not fill up much space. Many people find footwear that have a rocker action to be rather beneficial to wear the plate in. One good example could be the Hoka running footwear which have a rocker beneath the front foot. Because these plates stiffen the shoe that can help restrict movement to reduce pain, this rocker does help the foot move ahead when walking as you can not bend the foot across the front foot. There are some adverse reactions from wearing the carbon plates which has to be weighed versus the benefit for using them. They can alter the way you move, so you could have to take time to get accustomed to them. You may even really need to scale back on the time period that you wear them so you can get used to them after which start progressively improving the wear time period. They may be to some degree awkward since they do not allow for ordinary foot motion, but will just have to be accepted and balanced against the pain that may be from the reason that you might need to use the plate.

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