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A “Durlacher” corn is a name for a specific type of corn that forms on the lateral aspect of the little toe that was first written about by Lewis Durlacher in his book, 'A Treatise On Corns, Bunions: The Diseases Of Nails, And The General Management Of The Feet' in 1845.

A Durlacher corn is commonly mistaken for an extra part of the toe nail. As with most corns that occur on the foot the main cause is pressure. This type of corn generally presents due to a toe deformity where the 5th toe is rotated internally and clawed resulting on the pressure on the side of the nail and toe, causing the Durlacher corn.

The treatment of a Durlacher Corn is by removing the painful corn by careful debridement. The next step is to remove the cause of the higher pressure that is causing the corn. This might involve padding to relieve the pressure or it may involve surgery to change the position of the toe to reduce the pressure.

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